Sad Story: Three Small Boys left without Their Mother in BiH

Every day, heart-breaking life stories of migrants arrive from Velecevo police station in Kljuc.

It is no secret that there are several families here every who open makeshift shelters there, sleep, eat, drink, survive, literally.

These days, three black-haired boys are attracting the attention of volunteers. They have lost their mother, and they are on the road to a “better tomorrow” together with their father.

Volunteers describe how much their father looks after them and how much he tries to make every moment in such a place and painless for them as possible, while also receiving praise for the boys, who, as they say, are well-raised, tidy and clean children.

Those who work with migrants, mainly Red Cross volunteers, face a variety of problems on a daily basis.

The situation is, they claim, catastrophic, Avaz news portal reports.

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