Ruznic: Better Coordination of Authorities and International Organizations needed

An adequate response to the migrant situation requires much better coordination of all levels of government and international organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said the Prime Minister of Una-Sana Canton Mustafa Ruznic at today’s regular session of the Association of Independent Intellectuals “Circle 99”.

Speaking as an introductory speaker on “Krajina Development and the Migrant Crisis”, he stressed that not even three years since the migrant crisis escalated and the so-called Balkan route opened, there is still no coordinating body to know who is responsible on behalf of each institution.

On the other hand, the problem is, warns Ruznic, insufficient control of the state border, especially the eastern one, as well as the fact that migrants are unevenly distributed throughout BiH, emphasizing that the burden of this issue can not be borne only by Krajina.

He notes that the basic request to the Council of Ministers of BiH is to establish exactly that coordination and ensure the even distribution of reception centers, but he believes that the border crossings where migrants come to BiH must be closed. He says that it is necessary to establish transparent procedures for the flow of money that enters BiH for migration and to determine the competent institution, stating that 91 million euros have been allocated for BiH so far, but it is also necessary to adopt an operational plan for migration management.

He also asked the Presidency of BiH to bring a quota of how many BiH migrants can take care of, which other countries have done, reminding that 7,000 migrants, as many as there are currently in BiH under current laws, should all be deported and that is a job for the Service for Foreigners.

He reminded that in October 2018, when the migrant situation escalated, the priority was to accommodate families with children, unaccompanied children and women themselves.

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