Russian Journalist confessed that Shooting at people in BiH during the war

April 13, 2017 7:45 AM

russian journalistRussian journalist Boris Zemtsov confessed yesterday in Visegrad that he shot people in BiH during the war.

Two decades later, this Russian volunteer, as he calls himself, is again in BiH.

“Regardless of the fact that it has been 25 years since those events and that we are no longer young as we were back then, if our brothers Serbs need help we will come again,” said Zemtsov.

When asked what he was doing in BiH and what was his role here back then, Zemtsov said: “I am a journalist, but I was here with a Kalashnikov.” He also said that he shot at people.

On the hill Grad near Visegrad, yesterday was revealed cross that is dedicated to killed Russian volunteers who fought on the side of the Army of the RS during the war. According to some estimates, there were around 700 Russian volunteers during the war in BiH, 37 of them were killed, of whom 7 in the area of Visegrad.



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