Russian Investors invested Hundreds of Millions of EUR in the Refinery Brod?

October 26, 2017 8:30 AM

The Minister of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of the RS, Srebrenka Golic, stated that Russian investors have invested hundreds of millions of EUR to comply the Oil Refinery in Brod with ecological standards of modern European refineries.

“An agreement with the authorities of Croatia and Russia to place a gas pipeline from the Croatian side to the Refinery has been made, so that the worst energy source that caused major pollution, which is the oil fuel, will be replaced by gas, and thus will be solved the problem between BiH and Croatia,” said  Golic.

Golic noted that they are working on harmonization of the legislation of the RS with the legislation of EU and that the legal framework complies with the European standards that also must be respected in the field.

She added that an interal-entity body is active as well, and it is meeting on a monthly basis with the aim to harmonize all regulations, so that the regulations in the RS and the FBiH are harmonized with EU laws.

Golic stated that, according to data from hydro-meteorological institutes, the largest air polluters were large industrial plants, thermal power plants, individual fireboxes, public companies that are engaged in the delivery of heat energy, and automotive gases.

“We will work in the future to ensure that the quality of air is as good as possible and that there is no more air pollution. We are also working on the adaptation of large industrial plants to European standards because there is no such thing as a plant that is not at least small polluter,” stated Minister Golic at the end.



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