Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov meets with Turkovic

During the meeting on Tuesday in Sarajevo, Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov spoke about the determination for cooperation and strengthening of economic relations between the two countries and the necessity of mutual dialogue in the region. “We have reaffirmed our firm position and support for the integrity and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Lavrov said, Klix.ba writes.

He said that he did not see any sense in the revision of the Dayton Agreement, and stated that Russia is the guarantor of this agreement and that the peoples in BiH are capable of deciding their own destiny. Lavrov reiterated that Russia’s position is that the Office of the High Representative (OHR) is unnecessary and that our country is a kind of protectorate with it.

“We agreed to improve our trade, which has been slowed down due to coronavirus. We think it is necessary and necessary to work harder within the commissions for trade and economic cooperation. We are very glad that our projects, such as Gazprom and Sberbank, are functioning in BiH. “he said.

A tête-à-tête meeting of two interlocutors was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH, as well as a meeting of delegations of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Russian Federation, followed by a signing ceremony of the Consultation Plan between the two ministries for 2021/2022.

After the meeting and the signing ceremony of that plan, Minister Turkovic expressed her satisfaction with the constructive and open conversation at the meeting of the delegations of the two countries, at which they stated that the relations between the two countries are good. She emphasized that it is important to work on improving cooperation in various segments, especially in the field of economy. She expressed hope that after the signing of the Plan, there will be an improvement in cooperation in the coming period.

(Photo: Almir Razic for FENA News Agency)

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