Russian Companies to invest more than Half a Billion BAM in the RS?

April 30, 2018 12:00 PM

The Head of the Representative Office of the RS in Moscow, Dusko Perovic, stated that the RS managed to establish cooperation with the Russian company “ZIO”, which is planning to modernize TPP Gacko and TPP Ugljevik, which represents a 200 million EUR worth investment.

Perovic stated that the agreement on modernization of the aforementioned thermal power plants should be signed in the month of May, and that a total amount of 100 million EUR is planned for each thermal power plant.

“The main task will be to increase the installed power of the plants and extend their operation life. That is how we would achieve additional amount of electricity and an extension of the life of a power plant for another 15 to 20 years,” said Perovic.

He also noted that the construction of a gas plant should be started in a few months in Zvornik, and added that representatives of “Gasprom”, i.e. engineers and technologists, visited Zvornik this week as well as the site for the construction of the plant.

“This investment has the value of around 72 million USD and the plant should be completed in about a year. It is a plant in which gas is transferred from gas to liquid form. The volume of the gas is reduced 600 times in this way, and thus its transportation is much cheaper,” stated Perovic.

He also said that the Overhaul Institute “Orao” from Bijeljina should get a license from the Russian corporation “ODK – United Engine Manufacturers”, after which they will be able to service engines for Russian helicopters, a total of 47 of them in the region.

In this way, stated Perovic, the RS would be a regional center for overhaul of Russian helicopters.







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