Rural Household “Cardaklije” in BiH is Paradise for the Eyes and Soul

November 5, 2017 3:00 PM

In the village of Vrtoce, near Bosanski Petrovac, there is a fairy-tale ethnic-household named “Cardaklije”.

Untouched nature, home-made food, natural juices, jams, and teas are just part of the gastronomic offer in this household. Guests can enjoy nature hiking, horseback riding, mountaineering and numerous other activities.

Owner of the household, Zoran Radosevic, stated that the secret of this success is to be dedicated to your work 24 hours a day.

“You have to work very hard, and when it comes to rural tourism, 700 meters above the sea level, the intact nature and proximity of the national park is something that is in favor for this business. The whole family likes nature just like me, and thus we chose to be engaged in the rural tourism. The secret of success is a healthy family because it is much easier to work,” said Zoran.

One of the secrets of success in this work, according to Zoran, is to recognize your own specificity and to know our cultural and historical heritage.

Guests will not be able to get a soda here because all juices are homemade. Although they are working throughout the year, the majority of the work is done during the summer when there is a large number of visitors. Radocevic’s are planning to have a target group of guests in the future, to introduce an anti-stress program and to have guests from Germany and Austria who could enjoy this area for a few days, and there would be smaller groups as well in the out-of-season period.

The natural ambiance is offered to guests, and they also have the country houses with apartment’ accommodation. There is also the possibility of getting acquainted with old traditional crafts such as weaving and knitting, and frequent guests here are schoolchildren who, within the “School in Nature”, learn a lot about tradition and orientation in nature. The owner’s idea is also to upgrade the upper part of the barn where the horses are housed, where guests may want to sleep on pure hay and medicinal herbs.



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