The RS sold Bonds worth 25 million BAM?

On yesterday’s auction at the Banja Luka Stock Exchange, Republika Srpska, the entity in BiH, sold 25,000 ten-year bonds with a nominal value of 1,000 BAM, at an interest rate of 4 %.

The planned amount of the emission was 25 million BAM, and the total value of received offers amounted to 38,061,100 BAM.

The RS, or the Ministry of Finance, is issuing bonds with the aim of covering planned expenditures of the budget.

Ten-years bonds of the RS with the value of 25 million BAM were sold in June as well, while the RS got indebted by 50 million BAM through the sale of these long-term securities in May, with a maturity period of five years.

Trade with bonds and treasury bills of the RS is dominating on the Banja Luka Stoke Exchange for a long period of time, and the trade with shares of business entities recorded a significant decrease.

Last year, a total of 282.1 million BAM was realized on Banja Luka Stock Exchange (45.1 % of total turnover) through ten public offers of bonds of the RS. A total of 186.1 million BAM was also realized through 10 public offers of treasury bills of the RS (29.8 % of total stock exchange).



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