The Roles by which we will remember Late Actor Ljubisa Samardzic

September 9, 2017 10:45 AM

Ljubisa Samardzic, an actor whose name will always be synonymous for the Yugoslav movie and his golden age, passed away on Friday.

The greatest recognitions to the actor come from his audience, but there are also official awards, awards of film academies and representations of world associations of actors. Ljubisa achieved plenty of those.

In the year of 1967, he won the Venetian Golden Lion for the role in the film “Stranac”, he won the Grand Prix award for the “Battle of Neretva”, and the Golden Arena for “Bombasi”, “Doktor Mladen” and “Rad na odredjeno vrijeme”. Among others, he received the AVNOJ Prize in 1988. He also won the “Pavle Vujisic for Lifetime Work” award in 1995, and the “Ivo Andric Award” for the same prestigious category in 2001.

As we remember a man through his best works and what he left behind for others, we will definitely remember Samardzic for his most beautiful roles.




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