Road Sarajevo-Podgorica-Tirana will Strengthen Cooperation of BiH and Albania

October 31, 2016 4:15 PM

clj9wyywgaanqggMinister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania Ditmir Bushati is staying in an official visit to BiH. He was hosted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak, who said that the issue of construction of the road Sarajevo-Podgorica-Tirana must be considered again because in that way BiH and Albania will become even closer and their relations will improve.

Crnadak said that he spoke with the Minister Bushari about economic relations of BiH and Albania and that it is necessary to make progress in terms of benefits for the nations that live in these two countries.

“Today we discussed economic cooperation and the agreement on protection of foreign investments, which is still not on a high level. The foreign trade exchange between BiH and Albania amounted to 27 million EUR last year, while the generated export amounted to 41 million BAM. BiH imported 11 million BAM from Albania last year. This tells us that we must further improve the economic relations of the two countries, and that can be contributed to by the Albanian tourists who will visit BiH mountains during the winter. Albania and BiH must develop and come closer in terms of infrastructure, and construction of the road Sarajevo-Podgorica-Tirana is the best idea for that,” said Crnadak, adding that Albania is the only country (in addition to the neighboring countries) with which BiH signed an agreement on traveling with personal ID card.

Crnadak stated that the two countries will also cooperate in the segment of accession of those countries to the EU.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania Ditmir Bushati said that he is happy to visit BiH in the time when the application for membership in the EU is accepted.

“I am happy to be here when BiH is approaching the EU and I want to emphasize that Albania is interested in cultivating good relations with your country, and the focus is on citizens. The relations of the two nations must improve and politicians will do everything to improve them and strengthen economic relations. Our relationship is following an upward trend and that is demonstrated with the preparation of bilateral agreements that will strengthen and improve our connections. I am glad that you invited the citizens of BiH to visit Albania. Based on statistical information we have, the number of tourists from BiH is increasing. That is our joint success,” said Bushati.



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