Road from Sarajevo to Gorazde to be 40 kilometer shorter?

November 25, 2017 9:30 AM

New road section in the length of 13.7 kilometers along the route Gorazde-Hranjen-Hrenovica will be constructed as part of the road connection between Gorazde and Sarajevo, and it will cut the road length from Gorazde to Sarajevo by 40 kilometers.

As an explanation for this project was noted that the road connection between Sarajevo and Gorazde is one of the most important projects in this part of our country.

“This project is very important because this road would affect the overall development and support to economic activities in Bosnian Podrinje Canton, the support to sustainable return, as well as the improvement of rural areas,” as said in a decision of the Government of FBiH.

The route of this road is planned by the spatial plan of BPC and it includes the construction of a new section of the road in the total length of 13.7 kilometers (Gorazde-Hranjen-Hrenovica) and it continues to the existing highway M5. This project also implies a shortening of the current route to Gorazde for around 40 kilometers, and it will avoid mountain passes as well.

This project is also part of the already adopted strategies, and it is also included on the list of 100 strategic projects of the FBiH.

We will see whether the construction of this road will have an impact of the final decision of FBiH on the election of the route of fast-road Sarajevo-Belgrade, because route over Tuzla and Bijeljina is more likely in that case.

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