Do Residents still leave Money for Bread for People in Need?

March 17, 2017 2:45 PM

Somun-bread-2Humanitarian project “Bread for later”, which was launched in 2013, is still ongoing. However, the response of the citizens is slightly smaller, but not negligible.

According to the Sejdi Totaj, the owner of Grbavica bakery, customers leave up to 30 BAM for the bread daily.

“Most of the time, same people are the ones who got used to taking their free bread. Our sellers can recognize people who need that one bread very much. We carry out this humanitarian project for the third year and, unfortunately, more and more people come and ask for bread”- adds Totaj.

If there is not enough money, the owners of the bakery gives bread to people in need. Moreover, the owner emphasizes that they have a bread from yesterday which costs 0.50 BAM or is 50 percent cheaper than fresh bread.

In addition, the same humanitarian project is executed in some stores of company Klas where it is a practice that customers can leave a certain amount of money for bread, after which citizens who do not have enough money receive one meal a day.

This action is intended to provide a sufficient amount of bread for vulnerable citizens, those who themselves cannot afford bread.

In almost every settlement, there is at least one store that offers its customers the opportunity to help their fellow citizens.

(Source: faktor)



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