Residents of Zenica paid Tribute to Soldiers of the National Liberation War

April 13, 2018 11:00 AM

Zenica was liberated from the fascists 73 years ago, after four years of war, and flowers were laid on the memorials in honour of the victims of the National Liberation War yesterday. Thus, one of the most important dates in the history of Zenica was marked with a special solemn program.

On this day, the Partisan units liberated Zenica, and citizens were finally free. The President of the Association of Anti-fascists and Soldiers of the NLW in Zenica, Rasid Isakovic, stated that April 12 is a really important date in the history of Zenica, but it is insufficiently studied in schools.

Sretko Radisic from Zenica believes that this date is very important to older citizens, but that no one can force anyone to  respect April 12, nor appreciate the importance of this antifascist date.

He added that many people gave their lives to defend Zenica from the fascists, and the schools were named after them, but those names were changed after some time.

“Every war brings historical changes, and I don’t think that these are positive changes. Zenica had a resistance in itself with the aim to prevent that from happening, and the only way to legally return names of the heroes to institutions is through initiatives,” stated Radisic.

Numerous delegations laid flowers on the memorials and paid tribute to victims and killed soldiers and civilians in the period of war 1992-1995.

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