Residents of Han Pijesak got Electricity and Water

January 13, 2019 6:30 PM

In Han Pijesak, where the state of emergency was declared on Saturday due to snow, some parts of the city got electricity and water.

From the Civil Protection, it was confirmed that the town of Han Pijesak was supplied by electricity from 12 am, and those consumers, who were left without water earlier days, received the water on Saturday.

The main road through Han Pijesak is cleaned, and local roads are cleaned up according to priorities.

In other parts of Republika Srpska, especially in central, eastern and mountainous areas, snow makes it difficult to transport and deliver electricity. All major roads are passable.

Two Civil Protection Rescue Team (GSS) are still in standby. For now, there is no information that human lives and material goods are at risk.

The RS Helicopter Service is also in standby.



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