Residents of Hadzici delighted​ Migrants Children with Presents

A group of citizens led by a councilor in the Hadzici Municipal Council, Mirzo Musanovic, visited the Usivak migrant camp today and gave New Year’s packages to the children.

As they stated, the children in the migrant camp were especially happy with the gifts, and 177 packages were distributed, Klix.ba writes.

“I am pleased to inform the public that we managed to make 177 packages in the action. Today we successfully realized the action of delivering packages to children in the Usivak center, and in the next few days we will distribute the rest of the packages to children of Merhamet users,” said Mirza Musanovic.

“I would like to thank to everyone who responded to this action, and especially thank you to those who helped the action to be realized and the packaging and delivery of packages to be done. A child’s smile is our favorite reward. Thank you all once again,” concluded Musanovic.

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