Residents of Bileca protested against Migrants who are Invading their Houses


Residents of Bileca made a protest on Sunday demanding police and government officials to protect them from migrants, who they claim are increasingly passing through the area and endangering their security.

Rados Radovic from the village of Vranjska told reporters that migrants were passing through the municipality of Bilogora on their way to Stolac. “For them, Stolac is the main goal, and our goal is to ask the local assembly to provide them with transportation to that municipality,” he said.

After today’s gathering, they demanded an emergency session of the Bileca Municipal Assembly to discuss the issue of migrants, because, as Radovic said, they break into the homes of locals for a year and a half, harassing them and causing fear.

The local resident Milenko Keselj also claims that during the passage of the migrants, 17 houses were destroyed and devastated. Bileca Mayor Miljan Aleksic also believes that this is a huge problem and that he will request an extraordinary session of the local parliament on Monday and ask Republika Srpska Interior Minister Dragan Lukac to get police patrols.

“The problem must be solved,” said Aleksic.

One of the villagers of Bileca killed one of the migrants last week during the confrontation with a group of migrants he found at a neighbor’s house, Srna reports.

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