Residents enjoyed Hits sang by Hari Mata Hari and watched Spectacular Fireworks

Hari Mata Hari, famous music star in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), region and worldwide, entered the New Year, together with residents of BiH and tourists with famous song sand by Kemal Monteno “Sarajevo My Love”.

Residents and guests had the opportunity to listen to some of the most beautiful songs and enjoy the spectacular fireworks.

The main attraction began at 22:45 when Hari Mata Hari came to the main stage and started singing his famous song “Poletjela golubica” (Dove started to fly)

Fans of good music enjoyed many hits such as “Lejla”, “Ring and Gold Chain”, “Emina”, “As Dominoes” and other well-known songs.

To recall, the music party in front of the Eternal Fire in the center of Sarajevo officially started around 21 o’clock. With good mood and good vibration in the streets, the heat was led by DJ Dizzy Dee and Eldin Huseinbegovic.

According to estimates, there were some 10,000 people who filled the main Sarajevo promenade from the Eternal Fire monument to the BBI center.

(Photo: Fena)

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