Reshad Strik, an Actor who replaced Hollywood with Bosnia

October 8, 2017 1:00 PM

Reshad Strik, a thirty-six-year-old actor of Australian origin, lived and worked in Los Angeles. One day, he decided to go on holiday, to meet his father’s homeland, as well as the Balkans, and he went to Sarajevo, the birthplace of his father.

After a short stay in Sarajevo, he met his wife Sabina, and started loving all the charms of Sarajevo with her. A few months later, Reshad decided to replace the Hollywood glow with life in Sarajevo, he married Sabina, and now they have two children.

You opened a cafe called “Ministry of Cejf” on Kovaci. What else are you doing in Sarajevo?

“I am also working on an independent film with director Resad Kulenovic. We are planning to start shooting in January next year. Also, there is another film that will be done according to Edin Krehic’s book “One day I will come, my father”. I am working on movies, and sometimes I am also helping my wife with her business. She runs a traveling agency and she is very good at that.

“Newcastle”, “The Hills Have Eyes”, are just some of the movies behind you, and Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria are some of the Hollywood names you have worked with before. You were also very popular in the Turkish series “Ertugrul” and “Filinta”. What did you enjoy the most?

“The soap opera “Dirilis Ertugrul”, which I made in Turkey, is very popular all around the world. People sent me messages from China, Pakistan, Oman, the Philippines, Egypt … I enjoyed working there because I love Turkey, it is a very beautiful country, but I do not think that there is a better country for my children and life than BiH. When it comes to my life and work in Hollywood, I enjoyed it because everything is very professional in America, and they are definitely the number one in everything they do. I do not want to go back there now, maybe one day, but I am very happy and satisfied with the work I’m doing here. Moreover, Sarajevo changed me as a person, it made me spiritually rich.

Besides Los Angeles and Australia, you also lived in Istanbul. Where do you want to spend the rest of your life?

“Istanbul is beautiful, but I am planning to spend the rest of my life in Sarajevo, or maybe in Stolac. I love small towns throughout BiH very much, and Stolac is beautiful, rich in cultural and historical ways. I can imagine to go there with my film team and spend the rest of my life, although my wife probably thinks that I am crazy.



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