Republika Srpska PM to announce New Report on Srebrenica

January 5, 2019 6:30 PM

President of Republika Srpska Government Radovan Viskovic has announced that an international commission will be formed on Saturday to investigate what happened in and around Srebrenica during the war and also about the suffering of the Serb people in the recent war.

“I hope that the truth will be a little different and that we will present it as such to the international community, and after that, I hope that the court and the prosecution will take these facts into account,” Visković told reporters in Bratunac.

He recalled that several months ago the National Assembly of Republika Srpska had abolished the Srebrenica report.

Viskovic noted that the judiciary is the third pillar in every country and that it should work independently, but that, when it comes to BiH, politics has fused its fingers.

According to him, this is inadmissible, and that the truth about the crimes against Serbs has no minimal political consensus, and he also added that RS institutions will insist on this truth.

The International Court in The Hague has ruled that genocide occurred in Srebrenica.


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