Representatives of the European Commission to visit Migrants Reception Centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Representatives of the European Commission and of the Office for Humanitarian Aid from Brussels will visit Bihac and Velika Kladusa on Monday at 10 am and will meet with representatives of Una-Sana Canton authorities to discuss the migrant crisis.

The decision to close the Bira and Miral reception centers remains uncertain.

Representatives of the Bihac local communities who live in the location of the Bira reception center, where the migrants reside, have asked the cantonal and city authorities to close it and not allow the extension of the contract to use the facility.

The residents of Mali and Veliki Lug, Zavalje and Vucjak are of the same opinion, who are explicit in their requests to close reception centers in populated urban areas because they are afraid of the health and safety situation.

Bihac Mayor Suhret Fazlic said no temporary camp for migrants in Vucjak would be allowed to be abolished or no contracts for further stay of foreign nationals in the Bira center would be allowed until a complete concept for resolving the migrant crisis at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina was completed.

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