Repeat Elections in Srebrenica and Doboj to be held on Feb.21

Repeat elections in Srebrenica and Doboj will be held on Sunday, February 21, while early elections in Travnik and Ustikolina will be held in April, it was concluded at today’s session of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The CEC previously determined in both constituencies Srebrenica and Doboj a large number of violations of the rules of the election process and the impossibility of exercising the right to vote of certain participants in the election process.

Elections in these two constituencies will be held again on the basis of the same candidate lists and the same excerpts from the Central Voters’ List that were used in the annulled elections. At the same session, the Instruction on the procedure of conducting re-elections was adopted, which regulates the procedure of conducting re-elections for the Mayor of Doboj and the Assembly of Doboj at 89 regular polling stations and the Mayor of Srebrenica and the Assembly of Srebrenica at 26 regular polling stations and 2 polling stations voting in absentia.

When it comes to the elections in Travnik, since the candidates have passed away, political entities will be able to submit new candidates and the process of registration and certification of political entities will be open as if they were new elections, but the mandate of the one elected will last until the end of the current term.

This means that the mandate of the mayor who will be elected in the early elections will run in parallel with all other mayors who were elected on November 15, 2020.

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