Remembering the “Death Road”: 80,000 People participated in the March of Peace over the last 13 Years

July 16, 2017 1:00 PM

On the Peace March, which has been held for 13 years now, participated around 80,000 people with the aim of paying tribute to those who lost their lives in the summer of 1995 while they were trying to reach the free territory over the forests near Srebrenica.

It was created as an initiative of those who survived the “Death Road,” as many people like to call it, and it became an international event with more than 5,000 participants every year.

There were thousands of those who were killed in the forests while they were desperately trying to reach the free territory. However, there are also thousands of those who survived to testify about the horrors that they survived in the forests near Srebrenica. Without the accurate road, with constant shooting, shelling, and prosecution by the police and the Army of the RS, as well as paramilitary formations from the RS and Serbia, seeking for their salvation.

There were participants from all over the world at this year’s Peace March. According to organizers, there were people from Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, United States of America, the Czech Republic, Australia, France, Iran, China…

Grandmother Hasna Fejzic from Kamenica near Zvornik was the oldest and the fastest participant of this year’s Peach March. This is her fourth time to participate in the Peace March, and she said that she wanted to go through the path where she lost her husband. The youngest participant was a six-year-old girl Sumeja Hadzic, and she participated on this Peace March together with her mother Amela and her father Zekerijah, who is from Kula Grad near Zvornik.

“We did not have a single incident this year. We are very satisfied with everything. Everything went smoothly on the day of the funeral as well,” said Habibovic.

On the path from Nezuk to Potocari, the participants followed the route: Nezuk – Baljkovica – Parlog – Crni Vrh – Snagovo – Liplje – Jošanica – Donja Kamenica – Bakrači – Glodi – Udrč – Cerska – Kaldrmica – Đugum – Mravinjci – Burnice – Kameničko Brdo – Ravni Buljim – Jaglići – Šušnjari – Budak – Potočari (the Memorial Center).



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