Remains of Three Persons from Srebrenica found in New Mass Grave

In the wider area of Turalici, located between Kladanj and Vlasenica, an exhumation ended on Wednesday, during which the remains of at least three victims of the past war were exhumed.

According to information from the Institute for Missing Persons of BiH, it is believed that they are victims of Bosniak ethnicity from the Srebrenica area who attempted to cross to free territory in 1995 through Vlasenica. This is an extremely dangerous and mined area.

The remains were found on the surface of the terrain and after exhumation were transported to the Tuzla Commemoration Center, where their forensic and criminal-technical processing will be performed, as well as bone samples for DNA analysis will be taken out.

At the request of the Court of BiH, the exhumation was managed by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

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