Remains of Eighty-Six Victims of Prijedor to be buried Today

For the collective funeral, which will be held at in Hambari today, the remains of 86 victims from Prijedor and Kotor Varosi are ready, was confirmed for Patria News Agency by Emza Fazlic, a spokeperson of the Institute for Missing Persons.

Most of the victims that will be buried this year are victims whose remains were found on Koricanske stijene (Koricanske Cliffs). It is mostly incomplete mortal remains.

“In three cases, victims are mistakenly identified by a classical method, whose remains were found in the mass grave of Hrastova Glavica, Kamicani and Sehidsko cemetery. The five identified victims will be subsequently buried at the decision of their families.

The Koricani Cliffs massacre was the mass murder of more than 200 Bosniak and Croat men on 21 August 1992, during the Bosnian War, at the Korićani Cliffs on Mount Vlasic in central Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The victims, former detainees from the Bosnian Serb-run concentration camp at Trnopolje, were separated out from a larger group of civilians being taken to Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-controlled territory in central Bosnia.The massacre was carried out by members of the special response team of the Public Security Center (CJB) of Prijedor, a Bosnian Serb reserve police unit.

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