Remains of Carsija Mosque in Srebrenica found, mined and demolished in 1995


During construction work in the Marshall Tito Street in Srebrenica, the remains of the Carsija mosque were found, which were mined by explosives and demolished by Army of Republika Srpska members (VRS) in the summer of 1995, and its remains were taken to a location 300 meters away in 1997, Klix.ba news portal reports.

The Majlis of the Islamic Community of Srebrenica published photographs and documents from 1997 on which the instructions of the Ministry of Urbanism, Housing and Communal Services and Construction of Republika Srpska and the Municipality of Srebrenica on demolition of buildings, including the old Srebrenica Craft Center, various objects from the city center and the remains of all the mosques in Srebrenica. Almost all “removed” objects are owned by Muslims.

“Tonnes of heavy concrete from the dome and around the mosque dome are located in the parking lot near the roundabout and the place where the posters of the war criminal Ratko Mladic, who has been convicted of genocide, are put. We hope to find parts of the mosque that will serve as a reminder to future generations that the crime of urbicide and genocide should never be repeated to anyone, “was stated from Majlis from Srebrenica. The records from the Čaršija mosque date from 1836 when Selmanaga Selmanagic built or rebuilt it.



Due to its deterioration, it was prone to decline, so in 1988 a new mosque was built and is remembered by many. The mosque was demolished during the war in BiH.

It was rebuilt 16 years after the demolition, thanks to its donor, Dr. Ahmed Smajlovic, and was opened on the 16th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica.




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