Remain in the custody: They were on a secret mission in Potocari

January 11, 2017 8:00 PM

Bodyguards use umbrella to protect Serbia's Prime Minister Vucic during unrest at a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre in PotocariThe High Court in Belgrade has rejected the appeal for detention of the two members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia who were present during the attack on the Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic. Namely, the two are suspect of disclosing official secrets in connection with their activities during the visit of PM to Potocari in Srebrenica.

On 10th January, the Council adopted a decision rejecting the appeal of the public prosecutor and defense counsel of the accused ones. The appeal was established on the decision of the judge in which Milan Dumanovic and Mladen Trbović are set to custody due to the particular circumstances, that is, on the suspicion that they will interfere with the proceedings by influencing witnesses, said a spokeswoman for the court Bojana Stankovic, reportsTanjug.

This means that they will remain in custody until a new decision of the court, or until all the proposed witnesses are examined.

Two days after their arrest, on January 2nd, the judge for preliminary proceedings set them into custody only on the basis of influencing witnesses.

The investigation against them is lead by the Public prosecutor’s office in Belgrade for disclosing an official secret.

Mladen Trbović and Milan Dumanović had worked at the Criminal Police Department for observation and documentation.

According to the media, Trbović is terminated in the disciplinary proceedings a few months ago, while Dumanović is suspended from PU Pancevo and since then in custody.

They are suspected because of the statements given to Al Jazeera, saying that, as police officers, and by the oral orders of superiors, without identity cards and weapons, are sent to a secret mission in Potocari. The statements were made on the 11th October and the attack on the PM Vucic took pace on 11th July 2015.

(Source: radiosarajevo)


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