Relocation of Migrants from Lipa Camp has begun

The relocation of migrants from the “Lipa” camp near Bihac has begun. Reportedly, 11 buses are ready, but it is not yet where they will be placed. As “Avaz” wrote a few days ago, the migrants signed petitions among themselves as they want to go to Sarajevo.

Reportedly, the transport of a larger group to the BiH capital has begun, and three buses have already started.

According to RTV USK, the migrants are happy to leave the camp and shout “Italy, Italy”. Also, no one will stay in the area of ​​”Lipa”, some will go by bus to Sarajevo, some will go to Bihac, and others to an improvised newly established camp.

They are going in the direction of Sarajevo, but even the bus drivers still do not know where they are going. It is emphasized that the relocation is voluntary.

Previously, the representatives of the Red Cross of Una-Sana Canton distributed a meal to the migrants and gave them snacks, as well as certain food to have for the journey that awaits them. A fire broke out in the Lipa camp near Bihać on December 23, and destroyed the tents, which were the only roof over their heads for more than 1,300 migrants looking for a way to one of the European Union countries.

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