Religious Leader from Sarajevo opened Mosque’s Doors to Refugees

Religious leader from Sarajevo, Muhammad Velic, continued the tradition of providing shelter to those who do not have anywhere to go and warm up in these cold winter days again this year.

The invitation for everyone, whether Muslim or not, was opened last year as well, when Velic invited everyone to the mosque in the settlement of Old Breka in Sarajevo, adding that the mosque is always open as well as warm and spacious to receive people who need a bit of warmth, peace and security.

Refugees from Syria spent the last couple of nights in the mosque in Breka.

“Last night and the night before, Syrian refugees stayed in the mosque. The night before was five of them, and last night three. They came from Rakka, Der-Zur and Allepo. People called me from the Center for Human Rights yesterday and asked if they can stay in the mosque, because all the immigration centers are full. They would stay on the street if we do not open our doors for them. They will stay one night, maybe two. They are waiting for their place in one of the centers, and then they will be going to Germany. I said that the mosque is opened and they can come. Actually, our hearts are the ones that are opened.

They came and we placed them on the upper floor of the mosque, and showed them how to make their bed and where the blankets were, etc. We told them that there are cameras inside and outside the mosque. They replied: “We are Muslims, God’s cameras are recording everything.” Yes, that is the truth, but these cameras are more because of their security. Last night I talked to them. There are young people, believers, educated, with a smile on their faces despite all the troubles they went through. And they are so kind. They are not acting it. You can see when someone is pretending to be kind. These are people who are going to the world that is not very fond of them, and smile and kindness are their first currencies to buy some affection. But, wherever they go, it is better than Syria. Unfortunately, much better.

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