Reis ul Ulema Kavazovic organized Iftar Dinner for Ambassadors in BiH

June 10, 2017 10:00 AM

iftar Reis KavazovicReis-ul-Ulema of the Islamic Community of BiH Husein ef. Kavazovic hosted an iftar dinner for heads of diplomatic missions in BiH in the Sarajevo City Hall on Thursday.

Kavazovic recalled on the tradition of BiH to share all of your joys with others, and he said that iftar dinner, for fasting person, is the happiest moment in a day in the holy month of Ramadan.

“Bosnian Muslims are proud of their faith. They are happy to share their space with others in order to get to know each other and mutually cooperate. They are proud of their European origins and fully committed to the Euro-Atlantic path of our country while preserving their own traditions at the same time,” said Reis-ul-Ulema Kavazovic.

Muslims from this region, added Reis Kavazovic, see themselves as a certain kind of bridge between East and West and the Islamic Community is acting from that position in its activities as well, and it is raising future generations in a spirit of openness and tolerance and “with the hope that they will feel equally comfortable in their European and Islamic identity.”

“It is up to us to secure a safe environment for our future generations where they will feel both safe and accepted. This is also the best way possible to prevent any kind of radicalization in these turbulent times when we are facing many challenges. All of these challenges are our common problem and we need to solve them together,” emphasized Reis-ul-Ulema of the Islamic Community of BiH, Husein ef. Kavazovic.

He wished good luck and a successful mission to all ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions in BiH, with the hope that they will be meeting on happy occasions in the future as well.

(Source: FENA)




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