Reform Agenda was realized 79 percent at the Level of the CoM of BiH

February 13, 2018 4:15 PM

Implementation of the Reform Agenda for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) at the level of Council of Ministers (CoM) is in the final stage. Out of the 34 planned measures, 27 measures or 79 percent have been fully implemented or implementation is continuously being monitored, while most of the remaining activities will be completed within the next few months, as agency Fena found out from the CoM of BiH.

As it was told to Fena, from the realized measures it is necessary to highlight those related to control of new employment and public sector wage restraint at the state level, strategic control and sustainability of public debt and borrowing, Law and bylaws on customs policy, mapping and stage solution of the parafiscal charges, the strengthening of the integrity of the judicial system at BiH level, the strengthening of regional and international police cooperation, the strategic approach in the fight against terrorism and money laundering, the strengthening of cooperation between tax administrations, the promotion of economic aid etc.

Out of the remaining measures at the level of the BiH CoM, the focus will be on adopting the Law on deposit insurance, finalization of e-services on VAT and the Public Administration Reform Strategy, in order for these activities to be completed in the first half of the current year, and the Reform Agenda to be entirely completed.

“It has to be emphasized that the implementation of the mentioned reforms at the BiH level so far, as well as the numerous entity and cantonal reforms led to the strengthening of BiH’s economic base, the improvement of the business environment, the largest post-war growth of exports as indicator of economic growth and recovery, the largest growth of foreign investments in the last decade, and the opening of thousands of new jobs. That is why it is necessary for BiH to maintain a reform course that has shown positive economic results over the last three years, and to remain devoted to life issues instead of unproductive pre-election conflicts which do not bring any benefits to BiH citizens, but contrary, they are causing new political conflicts and tensions, “ it was said to Fena from the CoM of BiH.





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