Red Cross posthumously awarded the Man who donated Million BAM to Soup Kitchens

The Golden Sign of the Red Cross FBiH was posthumously awarded as the highest recognition to Agan Hodzic, a man who donated 1,152,995, 94 BAM for three humanitarian organizations (Soup Kitchen “Stari Grad”, “Merhamet” and “the Red Cross FBiH”). This recognition is awarded for the largest individual donation to the organization of Red Cross.

The Red Cross FBiH awarded the highest recognitions to individuals and organizations who contributed to the social community with their solidarity, humanity and help.

The recognition “Human Venture” was awarded for an unselfish act of people who saved someone’s lives in sudden accidents or prevented severe consequences for an individual or a group of citizens, as well as for courage, solidarity and help.

That recognition was posthumously awarded to Irhan Foco, a young man who jumped into Miljacka River last year to save his friend Aldin Mulic. However, both of them died.

The recognition was also awarded to Kenan Cubara who ran into a burning building and saved a baby from 12th floor, as well as Sladjan Dacic, who jumped into Sana River in January this year and saved a man who wanted to commit suicide.

The Secretary General of the Red Cross of the FBiH Namik Hodzic said that it is unnecessary to even talk about the humanity of people who sacrificed themselves in order to help the others.

“The very least what the Red Cross of the FBiH can do is to thank them with this recognition. Today’s winners of recognition represent an example to all of us, we need and have to talk about them, because they are true heroes of our society,” noted Hodzic.

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