Red Bull Sky Dive Team: A New Look at Bosnian “Pyramids” from the Air (VIDEO)

October 27, 2017 8:30 AM

Members of the Red Bull Skydive Team recently were staying in BH town of Visoko. They were investigating the mystery of BH pyramids in this town, and they performed several flights above the pyramid of Sun.

This team of top parachutists and aviation acrobats from Salzburg recorded their own experience from the air and shared their videos with the public.

Now they published a longer video that follows this adventure team on their expedition in Bosnia. There is a new, unpublished footage from the air, which is simply breathtaking. Cameras followed them in the underground tunnels, which they visited together with Semir Osmanagic, as well as while they were visiting the surface sites.

In the video, Osmanagic introduced them with his discoveries, he explained the age, origins, and purpose of the pyramids, and then they shared their thoughts and conclusions as well.

“If you look at it from the valley, it looks like a pyramid but also a bit like a mountain. Now I think that it is an actual artificially made pyramid,” stated one of the parachutists.

“I am not sure what I am really thinking about it. For myself, I would need some more information, maybe they would be allowed to dig here a little bit more,” said the other, a bit more restrained, team member.

Osmanagic welcomed them after their flight, and he was also pleased with the entire project:

“Extreme sports and parachutes above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun – that is a very exciting combination.”

Take a look at their exceptional adventure in the video.



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