Record: Bosnian caught 206 cm long Sheat-fish

A fisherman caught a 206 cm long sheat-fish on Lake Snijeznica near Teocak.

Namely, a new record was set on this lake, and a huge catfish was caught by Dzenan Sarajlic from Lukavac.

After half an hour of fighting, he was assisted by friends Semir Muminovic and Ibrahim Sarajlic, who brought the 63 kilogram fish into the boat.

The fish was caught in a sporty manner, with a stick “Dam Camou Power ex”.

Jeanne told Azaz newspapers that he has been fishing for the last ten years, but that this is his biggest trophy so far.

There were some nice catches, but this is the biggest one. The fish will be returned to the water, as it fits with a sport fisherman,adds Sarajlic.

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