How to reach higher Export to EU Market?

February 13, 2018 11:00 AM

A roundtable on the topic “How to increase competitiveness of BH products on the EU market” was organized by BBI VIP Business Club, Adriatic Group, AS Group and Bingo Tuzla yesterday in Sarajevo.

The main aim of the meeting that gathered representatives of food sector in BiH was the exchange of experiences from the EU market. After defining priorities for the increase of competitiveness of BH products on EU market, participants also discussed proposals and recommendations for facilitating measures for development of food sector, strengthening and competitiveness of brands, as well as legalisation, with the aim of creating conditions for their successful realization. Recommendations for amendments to the law will be submitted to competent ministries and institutions that are responsible for enforcement of the aforementioned amendments.

During the announcement of roundtable, the director of BBI bank Amer Bukvic said that during the increase of food demand, the exponential development of agricultural production is crucial for existence and it represents center of new and dynamic markets.

He also noted that the goal is to find the way to help BH producers to export on the market of EU, whether through foreign investments, new credit lines or some other means of assistance.

“Adriatic Group from Vienna is the largest importer of food from the region of Western Balkans in the EU countries. I am hoping that we will open new export perspectives to BH companies through our presence on EU markets,” said Bekic.

EU is our most important foreign market, because two thirds out of the total export of AS group refer to the EU. We see our opportunity in our competencies. I believe that competent institutions will also recognize those potentials and adopt necessary laws, measures and decisions that will be focused on the increase of the level of competitiveness of food industry in general, with special focus on the placement of local brands on the EU market,” explained Halilovic.



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