Ratko Mladic on a Deathbed?!

August 27, 2016 4:15 PM

Ratko MladicRatko Mladic (73), who is on trial for genocide committed in BiH, is allegedly on his deathbed. Medical condition of the former Commander of the Main Staff of VRS is seriously deteriorated and there is even risk of a stroke, according to “Alo”.

“Mladic has stiffed right side of the body, he cannot walk or talk. He has high blood pressure and sugar, he lost weight and looks very bad. He needs to be examined by doctors, but his defense is asking for Russian experts,” says the source in The Hague.

Mladic’s son, Darko, confirmed that his father is very ill and noted that he needs medical care.

“Since he already had two strokes and heart attack in The Hague, I am affraid for my father’s life. Another stroke would kill him for sure. He fainted several times after arriving from the trial and doctors with whom I consulted say that it is a miracle how he managed to coup with this, in his state and with such a diagnosis. He was subjected to mental and physical exertion on the trial, so this further contributed to his health problems,” said Darko Mladic.

He stated that the life of his father is in the hands of the Hague Tribunal and that they are responsible for his health.

“They are responsible if anything happens to him. Given all the facts, it is a miracle that it was not fatal so far. My father is bearing the trial because of the strong will,” said Darko Mladic.

The source from The Hague added that Mladic is not in a position to participate in the preparation of his defense, and that his lawyers are doing all the work, and that he, instead, reads books.

Mladic’s Defense submitted the Trial Brief to the Tribunal on the 3rd of October, and closing arguments of defense and prosecution will be held after a month. Verdict to Mladic, indicted for genocide in Srebrenica, persecution of Muslims and Croats throughout BiH, shelling, as well as taking UNPROFOR members as hostages, will be delivered at the end of the next year.

Nenad Golcevski, spokesman for the Hague Tribunal, said that all detainees in The Hague have adequate health care.

“All defendants, including Ratko Mladic, have adequate medical care,” said Golcevski.

(Source: vijesti.ba)


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