The Railroads of FBiH are connecting Sarajevo, Tuzla and Banja Luka

The Railroads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Railroads of FBiH) will be connecting Sarajevo, Tuzla and Banja Luka using a “BH Train” from August 1st, according to the management of the Railroads of FBiH after reaching an agreement with the Railroads of the Republika Srpska.

“This is the first time that Tuzla is connected by rail with Banja Luka. This way, we’re connecting the three largest centers in the country with our modern “Talgo” trains. Earlier, the “BH Train” was servicing the line towards Zenica and Doboj and, later, towards Mostar and further south. We just need to electrify the railroad in Krajina and connect Bihać with the capital city and regional center. That would mean finally and completely connecting the country in terms of passenger traffic,” Enis Dzafic, the general director of the Railroads of FBiH.

With this, the “BH Train” on the relation Sarajevo-Doboj-Banja Luka is introduced, as well as local trains on the relation Doboj-Tuzla-Doboj, which will create connections with Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Dzafic also adds that the Railroads of FBiH are growing stronger each day and that in the last year have significantly developed the country’s passenger railroad traffic.

“Despite the obstacles, the Railroads of FBiH are still the backbone of the development of BiH in the transport and communications sectors. Connecting the large cities in our country, the Railroads of FBiH are realizing their mission, which is a free and uninterrupted flow of people and goods on the entire territory,” Dzafic concluded.

The normal price for the line Sarajevo-Banja Luka is 25.80 BAM (a two-way ticket is 41.70 BAM), for the line Sarajevo-Tuzla 21.40 BAM (a two-way ticket 34.60 BAM), and for the line Tuzla-Banja Luka 20.00 KM (a two-way ticket is 32.40 BAM).

(Source: Fokus.ba)

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