Radoncic’s Trial continued

October 6, 2016 10:15 AM

Radončić Appeal reflex.baWitness of the State Prosecutor’s Office claimed on trial for obstruction of justice that he met Almir Dzuvo on the 31st of December last year in Dubrovnik accompanied by a woman, supposingly Azra Saric.

Witness Fuad Cibukcic said that he and his family traveled to Dubrovnik on New Year’s Eve, and that he met Dzuvo with a women on the promenade, as reported by BIRN Justice Report.

“I was taking strollers out of the car and noticed that Dzuvo was approaching with a woman. I recognized that it was Saric. Dzuvo moved her aside, which was strange. She was about seven to ten meters behind, while he came to say hello,” said Cibukcic.

According to the indictment, Azra Saric was pressured not to testify in another case.

While answering questions from prosecutor Bozo Mihajlovic, witness Cibukcic said that after their conversation, he sent a message and called Fahrudin Radoncic, and informed him that he “met Dzuvo with that person,” and that it was just a simple chat between him and the accused.

Contrary to the claims of Cibukcic, Almir Dzuvo confirmed at the trial that he was in Dubrovnik and that he met and greeted with Cibukcic, but that he was not accompanied by Saric, but the other woman.

Radoncic is charged with Bakir Dautbasic, Bilsena Sahman and Zijad Hadzijahic for obstruction of justice, and giving and receiving the benefits of trading in influence. According to the indictment, Radoncic ordered to put the pressure on the witness Azra Saric to give false testimony in the case against Naser Kelmendi in Kosovo, while the perpetrators were Sahman and Dautbasic.

Radoncic emphasized that “Mrs. Azra” had not been threatened with death.

Continuation of the trial is scheduled for the 12th of October, as reported by BIRN.

(Source: klix.ba)


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