What is the Quality of Water that Citizens in Canton Sarajevo are drinking?

water2Water in Sarajevo is drinkable, but not sufficiently protected, as concluded at the round table ”Pollution of water in the city of Sarajevo”, which was organized by the Association of citizens for the promotion and protection of the natural environment ”BeEco”.

Adviser for environmental protection and sustainable development Mladen Rudez noted that the solution for water must be long term and that for the beginning they need to address the issue of deforestation and illegal construction as well as collectors in the area of Igman, Bjelasnica, and Trnovo.

“If pipes of collectors are not properly maintained, feces will go on Vrelo Bosne and that is a big problem for the city of Sarajevo,” stated Rudez.

He also noted that the current laws are good, but they must be implemented in practice.

“Awareness should exist at all levels of government,” stated Rudez and added that the water will remain drinkable and good quality in this way.

Cantonal water inspector Haris Biogradlic also noted the problems of deforestation and illegal construction. He said that they are mostly affecting the quality of water.

He stated that in addressing these problems, in the first lines are municipal authorities that are obliged to take care when issuing building permits and water acts.

“I’m not satisfied, but we made a step forward and we are taking more care for the environment and water,” said Biogradlic.

The priority is to create the water protection zones and that every spring has a water permit.

(Source: FENA)


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