Prozor was the starting Point of a Joint Criminal Venture?

October 25, 2016 7:15 PM

sestorka-hagProzor was attacked on October 25, 1992. Commander of the Rama Brigade Ilija Franić said that the happiest moment in his life was when he received an order to take over Prijedor.

Concentration camps for Bosniaks were opened immediately in Rumboci, Stojčevac, and in many halls and schools where the Croatian Defense Council tortured Bosniak civilians, liquidated them, and raped women. In this brutal and sudden attack and in the concentration camps 122 Bosniak civilians were killed.

In addition to the Rama Brigade, the brigade Eugen Kvaternik also participated in the attack on Prijedor. The brigade was named after the Ustasha Nazi criminal from the Second World War.

Crimes in Prozor are a part of indictment of Prlić’s group for a joint criminal venture.

Hundreds of Bosniak homes were burned and all mosques were destroyed.

In the Second World War, the Chetnik units of Draža Mihajlović made one of the major massacres in Prozor. According to the reports of Chetnik commandants, “15 villages were burned and 2000 Croats and Muslims slaughtered”. Now the units of Croatian Defense Council had the help of the Army of RS while attacking Bosniaks.

Before the general attack of the Croatian Defense Council on the Army of RBiH, attacks were performed on Novi Travnik in June 1992, Prozor and Gornji Vakuf in October 1992, and again on Gornji Vakuf in January 1993.

Apparently the attacks were planned and dictated from Zagreb. This is evidenced not only by facts and artillery support that came from the neighboring countries. Bernard Kušner described one meeting with Tuđman in Zagreb. It was January 18, 1992 and the attacks of the Croatian Defense Council on Gornji Vakuf lasted for some ten days already. Kušner asked from Tuđman to stop the attacks on Gornji Vakuf. Croatian Army and the Croatian Defense Council were in a rush to conquer Vakuf and connect western Bosnia with central Bosnia.

Kušner recalls: “Tuđman got up and issued a couple of direct orders. Slowly, very slowly, moving like an automatic machine, he returned to his seat, sat down and said: ‘There, Mr. Kušner, you can be satisfied, I stopped the war. That is the gift I owe you’.”

The one who was able to stop the war over the phone was certainly the one who started it. And that person is the master of the war. All other versions of the story are only attempts to rewrite history.



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