Promotion of the new single of the band ”Konvoj”

December 7, 2012 10:49 AM

The members of the band ” Konvoj” had a promotion of their new single ” O slobodi” at the Sarajevo club ”Sloga”. The break that the band took for personal matters lasted eight years. Before the break, they have published their album in 2004 entitled ” Pun mjesec”.

The story about this iconic Sarajevo band began in 1988 when they won the first award ” Nove nade, nove snage” that enabled them to record the first music album. Because of war, their first album was published in 1997 entitled ” Sa vremenom”. Other two albumes ” Bez razlike” and ” Varijante” followed shortly after.

Amir Mislirlić, one of the most influential rock critics in Bosnia and Herzegovina described the band as one of the most significant bands in Sarajevo. He also called the band, the leaders of the new generations of rockers in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their new single is another tribute to love, freedom and their long music history.

As the members of the band said: ” Without love there is nothing and ” Konvoj” is love”. All these ideas resulted in the beautiful new single called ” O slobodi”.


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