What is the most promising Production Sector in BiH?

Wood IndustryForests and forest land occupy 63 % of the total land area in BiH, and our wood quality is one of the highest in the whole Europe. The wood industry, as one of the most important economic sectors in BiH, employs around 30,000 people.

The total exports of the wood industry of BiH amounted to 1.2 billion BAM in the year of 2016, which represents an increase of 12 % in comparison to the year before. Exports of furniture amounted to 37.7 % of total exports, which is more than 448 million BAM.

The success of a company from Gradiska, which is producing prefabricated houses for people who have lost their homes in the earthquake in Italy, is particularly noted. They have delivered a total of 89 houses so far, they are currently producing another 290, after which they expect a contract for another 400 houses. This company now employs 60 people.

In order for the natural resources to be used, the growth to be maintained and new opportunities for domestic companies to be created, the Strategy for the Increase of Export and Development of the Wood Processing Industry in BiH for the period 2018 – 2022 is planned.

“The wood industry is one of the most promising sectors of production in BiH and the realized export is largely result of great efforts of our companies, but it does not have the adequate support of the competent ministries and institutions. We are hoping that the Strategy will define the goals, measures and activities that are necessary in order to enable the development of wood industry, safe supply of raw materials and required professional workforce,” as announced by the President of the Foreign Trade Chamber in BiH, Ahmet Egrlic.


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