Prokosko Lake visited by 20.000 Tourists annually

prokosko lakeProkosko Lake or the “Mountain eye“, as named by some people, is located in the middle of the mountain Vranica, 22 kilometers from Fojnica, at 1.635 m above the sea level, is one of the most beautiful glacial lakes in Europe.

Besides the fact that is of a glacial type, it is specific for the fact that the endemic type of the human fish-triton and numerous other plant and animal species.

Mayor of the Municipality Fojnica said that the Municipality Fojnica is focused on the tourism, and that one of segments it offers, is exactly Prokosko Lake.

Otherwise, Prokosko Lake and its environment were declared as the regional nature park in 1982 and became the zone of a strict protection, and in 2015, this area was declared as a natural monument.

Entrance to this nature park is charged with 2 BAM, and Prokosko Lakes is visited by 20.000 tourists annually, which is an impressive number.

“We are trying to, as much as possible, reduce the arrival with motor vehicles to the lake, thus we ensured a large number of parking places for buses and especially for small cars“, said Klisura adding that the Municipality, with its budget, did as much as it could.

Fojnica, but the Central Bosnia Canton as well, got a lot thanks to this wonderful natural monument.


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