Prokosko Lake – Beauty of Blue-green Pearls in Excellent Video

prokosko lakeBosnian lakes are on the top of the list of the beauty of our country.

Blue-green beauties, mountain eyes, natural and artificial gems … we call them by different names, and lately they are more and more interesting to foreign and domestic tourists.

Natural lakes in BiH occupy 65.1 km2, out of which Busko Lake occupies 56.7 km2. If this area is compared to the total area of our country, natural lakes occupy only 0.11 %.

One of the natural lakes is the blue-green beauty Prokosko Lake.

Mountain eye of glacial origin is located in the heart of the mountain Vranica, somewhere at 1,600 meters above the sea level. It is located 22 kilometers away from Fojnica.

Surrounded by mountain peaks, often 2000 meter, it is fighting with people for decades.

On the southwest side of the lake was built a large number of houses, summer pastures, livestock huts and cottages that make up the fabulous and idyllic atmosphere, but at the same time, according to experts, disturb the natural balance of the lake, classifying it in the most vulnerable mountain lakes.

Whether you have already visited this gem of nature or you are just planning to do it, enjoy the excellent VIDEO of this lake, made by

Residents of Prokosko Lake recommend visiting the village and lake in the warmer days of the year because the village is hardly accessible in late autumn to April due to a thick layer of snow. The place is known as a picnic site and some locals offer a shelter at a very affordable price.

Moreover, the locals offer a rich assortment of organic food made from the milk of domestic animals that graze medicinal herbs from the surrounding slopes.

The lake is filled with water from the glacier, under-lake and surrounding springs that are located at the foot of Debelo Brdo, by melting snow from the surrounding slopes and atmospheric precipitation. It loses water by runoff in the form of smaller river and evaporation.

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