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Project DigitalBIZ presented free online tool “Digital Pulse”

To support the business growth through digitalization, the United Nations Development Programme, within the DigitalBIZ project, has created a free online tool, the digital jumping-off point for micro, small, and medium enterprises, called “Digital Pulse”.

This smart tool measures company performance in six key business areas – digital communication, digital customer relations, HR and employees engagement in digital innovations, information and IT security, steering the company with digital tools, and digital manufacturing and service provisioning. Questions are designed in a way to guide companies down the path toward digitalization, but also to inspire new business ideas and approaches. Based on the results of the self-assessment, the tool provides a set of basic recommendations that will help companies on their digital transformation path.

“Digital Pulse” is based on experiences and good practices from the European Union, which are tailored to the needs of BiH companies.

“Digital Pulse” is available on the online platform, and we invite representatives of all micro, small, and medium enterprises in BiH to use it and learn how to improve their digital business.

Up-to-date statistics on the state of digitalization among BiH companies will enable UNDP and its institutional partners to identify digital skills gaps and design appropriate support schemes and programs for companies pursuing digital transformation.

DigitalBIZ project is a project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) that provides support for the digital transformation of the economy through the necessary policies and regulatory changes, capacity development, as well as the development of infrastructure for technology transfer and fostering innovation. This project envisages supporting institutional partners, especially business development service providers (e.g. chambers of commerce, development agencies, innovation centres, technology parks, etc.) in creating a favourable environment for the development of the digital economy and increasing the productivity of existing economic sectors, growing new markets and sectors, while accelerating overall economic growth through digital innovation.

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