Professor David Pettigrew: Convicting Verdict to Mladic could be a Turning Point

November 19, 2017 2:00 PM

Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Holocaust and Genocide at the Connecticut State University David Pettigrew expressed his hope that ex-general of the Army of Republika Srpska Ratko Mladic will be convicted at all counts of the indictment.

Pronouncing a verdict at the International Court of Justice in Hague to the Balkan’s butcher, as numerous world media like to call him, who is charged for the worst crimes committed against Bosniaks and Croats in BiH in 90’s, is scheduled for November 22.

If Mladic was convicted for crimes, Pettigrew expects that the International Community would understand that Republika Srpska was founded and established on genocide or criminal intention, and that recognition of the RS in Dayton represents a moral failure.

“Therefore, a convicting verdict in this case could represent a turning point, which will lead to questioning of the existence of the RS and providing opportunity to BiH to unite again through constitutional reform,” as stated by this prominent professor.

He also hopes that Mladic’s expected conviction will lead to other important initiatives, such as adoption of a state law that forbids glorification of war criminals and denial of genocide, since that kind of initiatives would provide the opportunity for creation of more just future in BiH.

“The case Mladic is very symbolic considering the fact that he was military commander who was included in several joint criminal enterprises including spreading of terror over civilians in Sarajevo, shooting with snipers on citizens of Sarajevo, as well as extinction of Muslims from Srebrenica,” stated Prof. Pettigrew.

Furthermore, the Professor believes that, considering that several soldiers under his command were convicted for different crimes including genocide and crimes against humanity, he must be held responsible for these crimes.



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