Products of PortaNatura from Srebrenik on the Healthy Food Shelves in EU

October 18, 2017 10:45 AM

PortaNatura Company was created as a result of a long-term engagement and love towards studying health effects of natural products, primarily black seed oil.

Today, the native black seed oil, Nigellus, is the most famous and the most selling product of the company and it is also their first product that found its place on the healthy food shelves in the EU.

“Whole process is conducted in our production line that is located in Srebrenik. All products are obtained by the method of cold squeezing, where nutritive values from raw materials are completely transferred into the final product, without any kind of degradation. Before placement on the market, all products are subjected to numerous physic-chemical, organoleptic and microbiologic analysis, and every individual product requires a permit from the Federal Ministry of Health, with the submission of detailed production documentation,” said Sabic.

Products can be found in pharmacies and bio-shops all over the country, as well as on Austrian and Slovenian markets. At the moment, they are negotiating with companies from the Netherlands and Croatia where a significant amount of products should be placed soon.

These products are intended for people who are suffering from allergies, high blood pressure, cholesterol, digestion disorders, thyroid gland disorder, weakened immunity, skin disorders, etc., as well as for those who eat healthy, with the aim to prevent any kind of health issues.

PortaNatura is present on our market since 2011, and today, thanks to the enthusiasm of young and successful people, it occupies a significant market position on the territory of BiH when it comes to the production of this type of products.

Currently, this company has six employees, and they engage external professional associates from the field of management when needed. Sabic also added that the company is still in the phase of development and that according to capacities, the need for new employees is expressed as well.



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