Process of Exhumation underway in Kotor Varos

At the Plitska site, in the municipality of Kotor Varos, a process of exhumation of, and search for, the mortal remains of missing persons from the past war is underway, coordinated by an Investigator and a Legal Officer of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on orders of a Prosecutor from the Special Department for War Crimes.

Mortal remains of one person were found at the site. According to available information, it is presumed that the victim is of Croatian ethnicity, from the area of ​​Kotor Varoš, who was killed in 1992. The details of the person’s identity will be determined by way of the DNA analysis.

The mortal remains will be forwarded for further forensic processing and identification.

The exhumation activities have been coordinated by an Investigator and a Legal Officer of the Special Department for War Crimes, with the participation of the representatives of the BiH Missing Persons’ Institute (MPI), a forensic doctor, necessary workers who have used adequate machinery, as well as police officers of the Republika Srpska Ministry of the Interior.

Almost on a daily basis, Investigators and Legal Officers participate in exhumations and searches for missing persons, supervised by Prosecutors in charge of respective cases, as well as in the processes of identification and in other activities aimed at searching for missing persons in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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