Prime Minister once again called on Croatia to return BH Property

Bosnia and Herzegovina Council of Ministers Chairman Denis Zvizdic on Friday once again accused Croatia of failing to comply with its obligations from the treaty on succession to the former Yugoslavia and return BiH property on its territory, but said he would like the problem to be resolved through dialogue, not international arbitration.

“I’m for resolving relations with neighbors through dialogue… until we exhaust every possibility of a neighborly agreement,” he told the press in Sarajevo.

Zvizdic said BiH had returned all of Croatia’s property on BiH territory but that Croatia had not reciprocated, despite the succession treaty.

“There is no need for a new bilateral agreement… because the succession treaty is enough,” he said, adding that the BiH Presidency had tasked the relevant authorities to work on resolving this issue.

Zvizdić went on to say that Southeast Europe needed more concrete cooperation because there are projects that would benefit everyone. He said the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development annual assembly that was held in Sarajevo this week was an encouragement to such cooperation, Hina reports.

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