Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH congratulated Statehood Day

Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH, Fadil Novalic, extended congratulations, on behalf of the Government of the Federation of BiH and himself, to all citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of November 25, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Statehood Day.  

For Bosnia and Herzegovina, its peoples and nationalities, citizens and their common future, the importance of the First Session of ZAVNOBiH is immeasurable, which reaffirmed the statehood and continuity of our homeland and clearly and loudly expressed the will of its peoples and citizens to live together.

Therefore, it is our duty to constantly build Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state governed by the rule of law and equality of all its citizens, regardless of nationality and religion.

We are also obliged to leave a legally regulated and economically strong state to the generations to come, and to pass on our love for Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is our debt to our only homeland, the FBiH Prime Minister states in his congratulatory message, announced the PR Office of the FBiH Government.

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