Prijedor: Collective Funeral and Burial of Mortal Remains of Eight Victims

prijedorThe collective funeral and burial of remains of eight victims from Prijedor was conducted today in Prijedor.

A total of 57 children were exhumed and identified so far in the Prijedor area, however they are still searching for 40 missing children.

Those are the children of Bosnian and Croatian nationality who were killed in the area around Prijedor. Twelve children from the family Bacic, aged 3 to 17 years, were killed and their remains have not been found yet.

The remains of Bosnian civilians who will be buried today were exhumed from mass graves: Jakarina Kosa, Koricanske Stijene, pit Lisac and localities: Carakovo, Biscani and Kozarusa-Susici.

So far, a total of 2,325 victims of Prijedor were found on more than 450 different locations, of which 98 are mass graves. The tombs were found in the Prijedor area, but also in other cities: Sanski Most, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanska Gradiska, Bosanska Dubica, Skender Vakuf, Bosanski Novi, Vukosavlje, Banja Luka, Kostajnica etc.

The last mass grave, where the victims of Prijedor were found, was a mass grave Hozica kamen in Bosanski Novi, from which 11 victims were exhumed. Exhumed remains have not been identified yet and they are located at the Center for autopsy and identification Sejkovaca in Sanski Most.

There are currently 334 sets of human remains in Sejkovaca Center that were exhumed in the past from individual graves and mass graves, and most of the remains were found incomplete.

Moreover, 54 victims have been identified on the basis of DNA analysis, but have not been identified by their families yet.

They are looking for about 788 victims who were reported missing in Prijedor, but it should be noted that this number is smaller, because a number of remains were found in Sejkovaca, in Sanski Most.

(Source: hayat.ba)

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